Energy for Growth Hub
Podcast Apr 10, 2024

Episode #22 Sheila Herrling: Culture Is Everything

Sheila Herrling, the Energy for Growth Hub’s first Board Chair and expert in international development, US foreign policy, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy joins Rose and Katie for this episode of High Energy Planet. This episode explores challenges in development finance, why supporting diverse entrepreneurship is critical to creating change, and how Sheila approaches building organizational culture.

Sheila Herrling is a Board member (formerly Chair of the Board) for the Energy for Growth Hub, and an independent strategic advisor on entrepreneurship, results-based philanthropy, USG policy, and organizational governance. Previously, Sheila was a Senior Fellow for Social Impact and Innovation at the Beeck Center, the Senior Vice President for Social Innovation at the Case Foundation, Vice President of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a senior policy director at CGD, and served in senior positions at the U.S. Treasury. She has more than 20 years of experience in international development and U.S. foreign policy, focused on aid innovation and effectiveness, monitoring and evaluation, and economic analysis.

Show Notes