Energy for Growth Hub

The Energy for Growth Hub is a global think tank advancing data-driven solutions to end energy poverty.

Our Vision

  • No person’s potential is wasted because electricity is unreliable or too costly
  • All economies have the energy they need to thrive
  • Policies are driven by evidence over ideology

Our Mission

  • Raise global ambitions for energy abundance and climate resilience
  • Turn data into useful insights for policymakers and investors
  • Generate pragmatic new ideas to end energy poverty

The Hub began with a fridge.

Todd Moss bought a refrigerator in 2013. The yellow energy efficiency tag showed his single appliance would use more electricity than most people living in Africa use in a whole year. That realization led to a viral graphic and the launch of the Energy for Growth Hub.

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Our Work

We’re building a high-energy, climate-resilient future in emerging markets in Africa and Asia across four themes:

Our Approach

Our core leadership team is experienced in the policy trenches and our global network of researchers and advocates are at leading universities and think tanks around the world. We communicate early and often with policymakers to provide short sharp insights that respond directly to pressing needs.

We are known for:

*We are not: a consulting firm, a grassroots campaign, an energy company, a conference organizer, a producer of long reports… nor, we hope, boring.

Our Influence & Impact

  • 1

    new development finance agency created using our proposal is catalyzing billions of US investment in emerging markets infrastructure.

  • 3.6 million

    views of Rose Mutiso’s TED Talks are changing the global conversation on energy and climate in Africa.

  • $10 billion

    of new private philanthropic investment uses our Modern Energy Minimum metric to redefine what it means to end energy poverty.

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Our Leadership

Our global experience spans senior government roles, academic research, private philanthropy, and advocacy.

Executive Director

Todd Moss

Energy for Growth Hub

Policy Director

Katie Auth

Energy for Growth Hub

Research Director

Rose Mutiso

Energy for Growth Hub

Board Chair

Rachel Pritzker

Energy for Growth Hub

Our Funders

Rockefeller Foundation

Pritzker Innovation Fund

Blue Haven Initiative

Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust

Founders Pledge

Breakthrough Energy

Open Philanthropy

Rodel Foundation

Julia DeWahl

Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fund for Strategic Innovation

Our funders make it possible for us to advance our mission. All work and opinions are strictly independent of funding.

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