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A high-employment future is a high-energy future.

The Issue

The best solution to poverty is a job. Yet tens of millions of young people are unemployed and their human potential is being wasted because electricity is too expensive, too unreliable, or simply unavailable.


In many countries, the cost and reliability of power are leading barriers to productivity and job creation. If we want to build a prosperous world where everyone has a fair shot at a job and a better life, we need to deliver affordable, reliable energy at scale.

Our Approach

The Energy for Growth Hub uses the latest data and economic studies to better understand where energy is a binding constraint to growth. We use those insights to inform policymakers where new investments in energy infrastructure will have the greatest returns to employment creation and economic expansion.

We believe in a high-energy future for everyone.

Job Creation and Energy in Africa

Africa needs jobs. Jobs require energy. If millions of young Africans and their families are to escape poverty and have a more stable and prosperous future, we need to deliver large-scale power.


Read our memo on job creation and energy in Africa.

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