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Natural Gas

Flexible but carbon-intensive. Decisions over the future of natural gas will shape local economies, energy poverty, and climate change.

The Issue

Natural gas plays an important role in the energy systems of many emerging economies. However, in the face of growing climate concerns, policymakers and financiers are grappling with difficult decisions and weighing trade-offs regarding the future role of gas in achieving climate and development ambitions.


Decisions about the role of gas will shape the future of emerging economies, including their ability to end energy poverty, their available pathways to net-zero emissions, and their opportunities for industrialization and global competitiveness.

Our Approach

The Hub provides data and analysis to help decision-makers understand the role of gas-to-power in specific contexts; assess the risks; and craft pragmatic policy,  finance, and technological solutions to avoid carbon lock-in, enhance climate resilience, and accelerate the global shift to low-carbon economies.

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