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Strengthening US Policy Tools

The world’s largest economy can do more to support energy investment in Africa and Asia.

The Problem

The United States could play a far more meaningful role in supporting energy investment in emerging economies, but needs new tools to address evolving market risks, catalyze emerging technologies, and accelerate progress.


Rapid deployment of clean energy around the world aligns with US national security, economic, development, and climate goals. Many countries want to partner with the US to finance projects and strengthen energy markets. But the US government is poorly equipped to respond to growing energy needs.

Our Approach

The Hub closely tracks energy programs at key agencies (DFC, USAID, DOE, MCC, NSC, Treasury) and provides independent analysis to encourage more effective approaches. We propose pragmatic policy fixes and new ideas to enable the US government to play a larger role in facilitating the energy transition in Asia and Africa.

  • The US Development Finance Corporation

    The DFC, the US government’s development finance institution launched in 2020, should be leading American investment in infrastructure abroad. See our work on DFC.

  • Power Africa

    Power Africa, a presidential initiative launched in 2013, aims to add 30 GW of new generation and 60 million new connections. See our insights on Power Africa.

  • US Energy Security Compacts

    Energy Security Compacts is a Hub proposal that would enable the US to respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively to the specific energy concerns facing its partners — and provide a far more credible response to geostrategic competitors. See more on Energy Security Compacts.

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