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Rise of EVs

Electric transportation is a linchpin of the global clean energy transition, but Africa’s markets will evolve differently.

The Issue

Mature markets such as the US, Europe, and China are taking active steps to prepare for rapid EV adoption, but Africa is at risk of missing out. Further, the drivers of this transition will look much different in Africa.  Without tailored policies and new infrastructure, the continent could be left behind.


The global EV transition is gaining momentum, yet existing research and policies are poorly adapted to African contexts. African decision-makers don’t yet have the information needed to make sound investments and policies. The nascent ecosystem of EV startups may be promising, but they need an enabling environment to thrive.

Our Approach

The Hub supports a data-rich environment crafted to the specific needs and opportunities in African countries. We aim to turn this research into useful insights delivered directly to policymakers and investors driving Africa’s EV revolution.

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