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Redefining Access

Meeting the energy needs of emerging economies requires metrics more closely aligned with job creation and economic growth.

The Issue

Basic household electricity access is the dominant metric for tracking progress against global energy poverty — but actually means very little in terms of what  drives opportunity and economic prosperity.


Household access to basic electricity is an important first step. But it’s not the same as the energy needed for job creation and inclusive economic growth. We need new indicators (and better data) that raise ambitions, prioritize policies and investment, and track progress toward building the high-energy systems all modern economies require.

Our Approach

The Energy for Growth Hub shifts the conversation from minimal household access to a focus on cost, reliability, and scale of energy for industry, commerce, and other productive uses. We push for solutions at scale that align with countries’ own development ambitions. The Hub has developed two new metrics to do this: The Modern Energy Minimum as a new threshold goal and the Reliability-Adjusted Cost of Electricity (RACE) to reflect what firms care about.

To defeat energy poverty, we need energy metrics aligned with economic growth.

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