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Podcast Feb 07, 2024

Episode #19: Ask Me Anything with Katie and Rose

Welcome to our first ever Ask Me Anything episode! Hosts Katie Auth and Rose Mutiso sit down together to answer listeners’ questions on topics including Kenya’s role as an African clean energy leader, advice for young professionals working in energy, dream music festival lineups, and much more.

On Today’s Episode

Show Notes

  • Rose discusses how Kenya is a clean energy leader, with the largest wind farm in Africa. Read more about Lake Turkana Wind Park.
  • Katie attended the University of Akureyri for her Master’s in Natural Resource Science and Management. Read her thesis on the complicated world of Icelandic fisheries management.
  • Rose attended University of Pennsylvania for her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Check out her list of publications to learn about nanomaterials and more.
  • Check out Rose’s and Katie’s LinkedIn pages to learn more about their winding paths.
  • Rose mentions British comedy In the Loop.
  • Rose recommends Burglar Bill, a book that made her think about empathy in a new light.
  • Send your questions to for our next AMA episode! We’d love to hear from you.