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Net Zero Foundations

Building robust data and research ecosystems for locally-led, pro-development energy planning and transitions.

The Issue

The world as a whole needs to achieve net zero carbon emissions as quickly as possible in order to mitigate global temperature rise. What does that mean for low-income countries who currently emit very little and desperately need to increase their energy consumption? Analyses of global pathways to achieve net zero are too often led entirely by Western organizations and researchers, and discount energy poverty, rely on irrelevant data, or make problematic assumptions about future energy needs and economic growth.


Unless more research and analysis comes from (and is targeted to) emerging and frontier economies, the ‘energy transition’ risks leaving more than a billion people behind.

Our Approach

The Hub is working to build a robust data and research ecosystem to ensure that energy systems planning and transition analysis in emerging economies is led by locals, incorporates the best data available, and addresses more than emissions reductions. We support energy modelers and decision-makers from Africa and other regions, exploring key questions including: Is ‘net zero’ a relevant and appropriate goal for low-income economies? How can countries pursue low-emissions energy transitions that enhance broader development goals, and on what timeline? What technologies and policies should be prioritized, and what data gaps need to be filled?

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