Energy for Growth Hub
Podcast Feb 21, 2024

Episode #20 Hannah Ritchie: From Climate Anxiety to Data-Driven Optimism

Better Metrics and Data
Shaping Energy Transitions

Hannah Ritchie, Deputy Editor and Lead Researcher at Our World in Data, joins Rose and Katie to explore why ending energy poverty is a top strategy for adapting to climate change, the role of scientists in activism, and the importance of data quality and availability. Hannah’s book, Not the End of the World, is out now.

Hannah Ritchie is a Fellow of the Energy for Growth Hub. She is Deputy Editor and Lead Researcher at Our World in Data, the online publication that brings together the latest data and research on the world’s largest problems. She is also a senior Researcher in the Programme for Global Development at the University of Oxford. She focuses on the long-term development of food supply, agriculture, energy, and environment and their compatibility with global development. Her research appears regularly in the New York Times, Economist, Financial Times, BBC, WIRED, New Scientist, the Washington Post and Vox. Her first book, Not the End of the World, takes an optimistic, data-driven look at the world’s environmental problems and how to solve them. Hannah holds a BSc in Environmental Geoscience, an MSc in Carbon Management, and a PhD in GeoSciences from the University of Edinburgh, all from the University of Edinburgh.

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