Energy for Growth Hub
Podcast Mar 13, 2024

Episode #21 Murefu Barasa: Everyone Has a Role in the Energy Transition

Shaping Energy Transitions

Murefu Barasa, founder and managing partner at EED Advisory, comes on the show to discuss starting one of the only Pan-African energy consulting firms, how the energy sector has changed for the better (and worse) in the last decade, and the differences between the energy transition in Africa and the US.

Murefu Barasa is a Hub Fellow and the founder and managing partner of EED Advisory Limited, a Pan-African consulting firm offering technical, analytical and advisory services in energy, water and climate change. He is an experienced development practitioner with a focus on energy access having led engagements for several clients spanning public, private and non-profit sectors. Murefu holds a BSc in Environmental Studies from Kenyatta University (Kenya) and a Masters in Environmental Science from Yale University (USA). He is a Compton fellow and an Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) scholar.

Show Notes