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Multimedia Sep 17, 2023

Facing the New Reality: Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony 2023

Created by Climate Group and first premiered at Climate Week NYC 2023.

We find ourselves at a critical juncture in human history, where the grim reality of climate change is impacting everyone. We witness the unravelling of ecosystems and habitats that have thrived for millennia, the devastation of extreme weather events on our communities, the economic toll of climate-induced disasters, and the haunting spectre of a compromised future for generations to come.

But amidst this stark reality, there is hope and a call to action. We have the knowledge, the innovation, and the collective will to drive meaningful climate solutions. Business and government, those with the most power to drive change, must lead the charge. It is not just a moral imperative; it is an existential necessity. The time for action is now, and together, we can forge a path towards a resilient world for all.

Scientists have been on the frontline of the battle against climate change for years, tirelessly conducting research, analyzing data, and sounding the alarm on the urgent need for action. Their unwavering dedication and expertise have been instrumental in advancing our understanding of this global crisis and in driving the pursuit of innovative solutions.

Climate Group’s short video ‘Facing the New Reality,’ is intended to inspire us, challenge us, and empower us to act — because the time to make a difference is now.

Watch Rose’s highlights below (2:17), and the full video (7:14) here.

Facing the New Reality: Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony 2023 (Rose Mutiso highlights)