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Media Coverage Apr 10, 2024 The Jolt by FORESIGHT

Gas for me, but not for thee

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Originally published by The Jolt for FORESIGHT Media, April 10, 2024.

In today’s episode of The Jolt, Sam looks into why Nigeria is planning to build an immense pipeline to link its gas fields with Europe’s market, plus the EU launches a probe into China’s wind sector.

Today’s main story

  • Nigeria is planning on building a 5,000 kilometre-long gas pipeline along the Atlantic coast of West Africa to Morocco, as part of plans to ship more gas to Europe’s thirsty and lucrative energy market.
  • Do European energy security concerns trump those of Nigeria’s? With a fast growing population and a negligible climate impact, the African nation desperately needs to build infrastructure at home for domestic consumption.
  • Todd Moss, executive director of the Energy for Growth Hub, joins The Jolt to explain the thinking behind Nigeria’s mega-pipeline push and what needs to change to help the country develop.

“Europe is happy for Nigeria to export gas because it helps Europe’s energy security. But I can tell you that if Nigeria wants to build a power plant to run on local gas, Europe will cry climate change and try to block financing,” Todd Moss, Executive Director and Founder, Energy for Growth Hub.

Find the full episode and show notes here.