Energy for Growth Hub


Ama Baafra Abeberese

Associate Professor

Wellesley College

Areas of Expertise

Electricity Infrastructure, Development Economics

Ama Baafra Abeberese is an associate professor in the Department of Economics at Wellesley College. She is an applied microeconomist whose research focuses on constraints to firm growth in developing countries. Her recent work analyzes firm responses to electricity costs and outages and the implications for productivity and growth, the effects of trade costs on productivity, and the role of government institutions and policies in firm behavior and outcomes. She holds a B.A. in Physics and Economics from Wellesley College and a Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University.



Non-Hub Publication Highlights

The cost of power: Electricity pricing and firm output in India. VoxDev Energy & Environment. February 2021.
Productivity Losses and Firm Responses to Electricity Shortages: Evidence from Ghana” With Charles Ackah and Patrick Asuming. World Bank Economic Review, 35(1): 1-18, February 2021. (Working Paper, Appendix)

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